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National Pollution Control Day

The greed for materialistic gains marks the 21st century which has been hitting the life sustainance on MaaVasundhara, severely. We human have been very poor learners & unlearners in this context resulting in furthering the damage. It’s equally undeniable that the needs of life on Mother Earth and importance in preserving and protecting the basic tenets and resources have been slowly stripped away in favor of those unwanted and deadly human desires.

We have arrived at a grave alarming situation wherein we need to change our life style or just perish. If humankind wants it's future generations to flourish, the moment is now to change the momentum on actions, positively.

Sanathan Dharma has time immemorial emphasised on preservation of all natural resources to sustain the beauty of life in glories, which we have conveniently missed endlessly. Time to revert back to Yogic life style which is the only answer, communities across the globe needs to incorporate among it's subjects.

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