Anantkumar Hegde
Member of Indian Parliament
Uttara Kannada Constituency

A Farmer by profession with wild interest across different domains of agriculture, horticulture, environment, linguistic science, art, nanoscience, emerging new age technologies and skill education.
Mandated by the people of Uttara Kannada to be their representative in Indian parliament, for policymaking, as 6th time, since 1996, without any political family backing or financial support.
In 2014, he got appointed as Union Minister of State for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India, and Served in more than 16 various committees so far.
Wasn't a born politician; nor would die as a politician…!!!
Anantkumar Hegde, unlike the common politician that one hops to see doesn't involve in indulging political jugglery or go to an extent of pleasing all! His hard earned on-ground experienced facts, beliefs, convictions and sincerity are something of a great admiration for others. His braving instincts have always put his hard-earned reputations and his very life on the line, reaching out across the arch of time...!
  • Kadamba Charitable Foundation

  • Kadamba Agro Producers Company Limited

  • Kadamba Souharda Co-operative Limited

  • Kadamba Intrac (P) Limited

Anantkumar Hegde , is more known as a policy maker for the past two and half decades, with a brand feel of uncompromising ideological commitment, towards social and national cause. He has clarity of thoughts and vision which promotes him to take a stand with no ambiguity in nature. He doesn't bring commercial interests to overlap his policy process, nor does he allow politics to enter the business world.

Kadamba (A socio - commercial organisation)

Anantkumar Hegde has been leading Kadamba, for the past two decades, since its inception in 2000. The uncertain political developments in 1998-99 had pushed Anantkumar to drift away from mainstream politics and involve in social causes.

Kadamba is one of the multidimensional services as well as business enterprise, including NGO, Cooperative institutions, and private business entities. He has been the founding president of the organizations.

Kadamba Foundation

Kadamba Foundation is working in the field of multi-dimensional socio-economic-developmental activities for the downtrodden, weaker and the vulnerable section of the society, particularly in the rural areas. Kadamba Foundation works with the local population bridging across the national horizon.

As a social care taker

Anantkumar Hegde’s concern towards rural development has ensured key areas like, Health and environment are witnessing significant progress, that he has himself personally taken care of. His initiative of tying up with various medical colleges and hospitals, on a referral basis has ensured a significant number of patients being provided subsidized quality medical assistance and services.

Environment Concern

Anant’s efforts in bringing the mountainous section in the rural areas under community forest development through his policy-making initiative have resulted in Betta Balakedaarara Sangha (An initiative for the conservation of privileged forest land in Uttara Kannada district) thereby increasing the density of the community forest. His efforts in afforestation drive have seen a big push as the campaign of planting a thousand of saplings has been received well by local communities.

As an entrepreneurial farmer

Basically, an explorer by nature, Anantkumar Hegde kept on experimenting on different crops in the changing agro-landscape. The global agro dynamics had altered the agro-process in the form of its depleting and changing resources such as fertilizers and water, manpower and unknown market or its instability.

As a policymaker, Anantkumar has been interacting with the various scientists of the premier agro/horticultural institutions, and the farming communities across the country, and conducting series of workshops, seminars to create awareness and educate the farmers of his district and beyond.

Besides these activities, he got into various agro corporates, to bridge the crucial market linkage for the farm produce. Today, the resultant of these efforts, he could introduce a range of new-age crops such as …

Sri Anantkumar Hegde Distributing Vanilla Plant To farmers

    Today, the resultant of these efforts invested by Ananth, have produced a range of new-age crops such as -
The great Indian Teff
Cocoa beans
Chia Seeds

    Besides rejuvenating horticultural crops such as-

Soil Health Technology

Based on Anant’s constant and untiring efforts on the microbial front, the soil health initiatives, in many parts of the country, has started to breathe healthily. His interactions with various microbiologists and agro-scientists apart from various field trials have today contributed to the 4th generation hybrid biofertilizers.

This unique patented product seems to revive great hopes for the soil health revival in the country, wiping the practice of pumping chemical fertilizers. This product has been a unique and first of its kind in the world.

The new age biofertilizer has witnessed a record of nearly 53+ microbial consortia (Now it’s more…!!!) in one of its prime products and helping the crops grow naturally.

As an empathizing cooperative entrepreneur

Anantkumar strongly believes in social collective power and had been at the forefront advocating the cooperative model for economic prosperity, particularly in rural areas. He has mobilized communities into this fold and has created deferent kind of co-operative societies for visualizing their multi-dimensional rural upliftment initiatives.

Anant’s ambitious financial foray has been into rural income generation segment. For nurturing thousands of women self-help groups (SHG’s) in Uttara Kannada district for creating socio-Economic awareness as well as make them self-sustainable.

Today in a short span of its operations, it has created new “Techno-Credibility horizon for adopting new age tech-financial utility tools, which has made Kadamba, as one of the pioneering new age cooperative organization in this country. such as…

Apart from these enterprises, Anant was instrumental and founder in creating other bodies which, he has now relinquished and handed over the same to public. Some of these bodies are:

  1. Kadamba Organic Society
  2. Kadamba Co-operative Marketing Society

Green Nanotechnology

The other enterprising domain which Anant has pursued is, Green Nano Technology. This patented technology is first of its kind in the world, set to revolutionize some of the great utilities of mankind.

Silver & Gold, Iron oxide, Palladium and Copper Nano particles along with other herbal extracts, form key constituents of many new generation products such as -

Nano Ayurveda
Nano Cosmacuiticles
Nano Health & Hygiene
Functional food
Trimeric Amino Acids & Peptides

Nano particles are being pursued for anti-cancer therapy as well as for treating many chronic health disorders. The clinical trials have provided positive and enthusiastic results, ushering great hopes in the treatment of cancer and other medicle applications in the coming days.
He opines that the present toxic chemical based drugs would be replaced with the advent of these Green formulations in the treatment of diseases even in affordable cost. And hopes that, further research could also arrest the tertiary stage and beyond.

Other Technological initiatives…

His other interest in the technological front is the eruption of emerging technologies in the Engineering & Science segment.

Besides these in an effort to bridge Industry 4.0 with cutting edge technologies through his educational initiatives. The team of Kadamba is working towards realizing his vision of empowering the engineering skill force of the nation utilizing the high-end emerging technologies.


Anant Kumar’s intrinsic fascination towards various diversified subjects right from ancient science, linguistic science particularly on the lipi (Scripts) front, astronomy, has been exemplary.His constant hunger to devour more knowledge & information is constantly upgraded by his voracious reading obsession.
Painting and poetry are Anant’s favourite pastimes which have been cultivated for his personal realization. His journey with martial arts has qualified him to be a certified Tae-Kwon-Do martial artiste.


The path of learning is a never-ending journey as Anantkumar Hegde believes that, learning and unlearning is an integral and eternal process for an entire period of life. Though he is a Graduate from the Arts stream, his unmatched love towards pure science, scientific advancements across different platforms of research and applications, alike are quite intriguing.

Around the globe:

Anant has travelled extensively across the world and as such he has visited almost 23 countries until date. He believes that one has to travel widely to understand life on this planet.

Life is too good to have provided great journeys,

fabulous people, fantastic opportunities,

challenging situations, and tremendous moments

in exploring the world and beyond.

One life is not enough!”