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Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

Malnutrition and Mothers

In India, as per the statistics every third woman is under nourished and every second woman is anaemic. When a pregnant woman is malnourished, this will lead to the in utero malnutrition of the yet to be born infant, there will irreversible adverse effect on the child. Under nourished mother will give birth to a underweight, unhealthy baby. The economic agony force young mothers to work for their living till the last days of pregnancy and resume their work soon after the child birth. The young pregnant and lactating mothers could not afford to loose their wages and this results in under nourishment of both mother and child.

Maternal & Infant Mortality Rates

India's Maternal Mortality Rate high and we as a country constitute 17 % of all the maternal deaths in the world. For 1.00,000 live births 130 maternal deaths are recorded. Infant mortality rate is also alarming and is estimated at 43 deaths per 1,000 live births. The primary and important reason for these maternal and infant deaths are due to under nourishment and poor and scanty health care during pregnancy and child birth.

Maternity Benefit Program

Any individual above 18 years are eligible to avail the benefit of the program. The applicant should have passed at least VIII standard for setting up of project above Rs. 10 lakh in the manufacturing sector and above Rs. 5 lakh in the business/service sector. Institutions registered under societies registration act, Societies and Charitable Trusts, Self Help groups which have not availed any benefits under any other scheme is eligible.

Sl No Taluka Total No Of Beneficiaries 2018-19 year's Target
1 Ankola 1165 780
2 Bhatkal 1536 1080
3 Haliyal 1459 1500
4 Honnavar 1801 1320
5 Karwar 1165 780
6 Kumta 1620 840
7 Mundagod 940 708
8 Siddapura 1053 600
9 Sirsi 1953 1008
10 Supa 569 600
11 Yellapur 830 576
12 Kittur 1834 1645
13 Khanapur 862 1021
Total 16676 12578