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Anantkumar Hegde To Inaugurate Workshop On Understanding Rare Scripts

Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Regional Centre, Bengaluru is organizing a Workshop on Understanding Rare Scripts: Modi and Tigalari from 7-25th September 2018. The workshop will be inaugurated by Shri Anant Kumar Hegde, Hon’ble Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on 7th September at 4 pm at Seminar Hall, IGNCA Regional Centre, Bengaluru. Dr Sachchidanand Joshi Member Secretary, IGNCA and Dr Ramesh C Gaur, Head Kalanidhi Division, IGNCA will also be present on this occasion. 

“Truly speaking the idea of the workshop was initiated with my meeting with Shri Anant Kumar Hegde and it is being organized with his kind guidance and encouragement,” said Dr Gaur. Shri Anant Kumar Hegde, Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship said, “There is an urgent need for scholars who know such scripts as many Karnataka government old records are in Modi scripts.”

The Modi script was used to write the Marathi language spoken in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It originated as a cursive variant of the script during the 17th century CE. Modi was used until the 1950's when Devanagari replaced it as the written medium of the Marathi language. The script is used all over Canara and Western Hilly regions of Karnataka. Many manuscripts are also found Uttara Kannada, Udupi, Dakshina Kannada, Shimoga and Kasaragod district of Kerala. Most of the government records in that region prior to 1950 are in Modi Script.

Tigalari or Tulu is a southern Brahmic script used in the Coastal region of Karnataka, also prevalent in Kasaragod district of Kerala. It evolved from the Grantha script.

The registration details are enclosed.

IGNCA works for the preservation of Ancient Rare scripts and languages and documentary heritage such as manuscripts in these scripts said Ramesh C Gaur, HoD Kalanidhi, IGNCA. We have already started Post Graduate Diploma in Manuscriptology and Palaeography at New Delhi under which 6 rare scripts such Brahmi, Sharada, Grantha, Modi, Newari, and Pali are being taught. He further said that the organisation of this workshop is a step forward in launching a similar program at IGNCA Regional Centre Bengaluru. 

The workshop will be useful to scholars and students working in the field of Manuscriptology and will help them in translation or deciphering of valuable ancient manuscripts. This will further help in preserving Indian traditional knowledge system.


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