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Skill Development Minister Ananthkumar Hegde Starts Hindu Temple Management Course

The Union Minister of Skill Development Ananthkumar Hegde seems to have taken his job seriously. Hegde, the five-time MP from Uttara Kannada has kicked off a three day Hindu temple management course at his home town Sirsi on Monday. The course is sponsored by the Skill Development Ministry in association with local Marikamba temple.

According to Hegde, there are over 25,000 Hindu temples managed by the state government in Karnataka and they need professional management. He said that the temple management course aims at streamlining the complicated affair of managing temples.

“The temple management is not an easy job. Each temple is different and follows a different custom. We need to professionalize the system to face future challenges. This course helps them in enhancing their skills” Hegde said inaugurating the event.

The spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living has sent resource persons to train the temple officials at the short term course.

Two persons from each select temple are taking part in the training session which concludes on Wednesday.



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